Under Construction? or New Home Nearing Completion

sample-headGet a thorough report including photographs designed to assist the new home owner

Our new home reports will identify:

  • Any building issues that will need to be addressed by a qualified builder.
  • Any part of the building that is incomplete or not finished off properly.
  • Any work that is not up to standard or does not comply with the Building Code of Australia.

Images taken in these reports will help you easily identify anything that may be amiss & can then be rectified by your builder prior to handover.

Book Inspection:

1. Brickwork Stage

  • Includes setout of brickwork, window and door frames, including all materials as per building contract.

Comprehensive Report

2. Roof Frame Stage

  • (Roof Timbers Complete) – Includes Roof Timbers constructed as per buildings standards and contract.

Comprehensive Report

3. Pre – Handover

  • Includes compare plans and addenda with finished home, Room by room inspections, roof and perimeter finishes

Comprehensive Report

Is your dream home nearing completion? Our “pre-handover” reports include digital colour images, designed to help you the home builder, by ensuring you are getting the final dream product you expected. Our reports are completed in 3 stages; Roof Structure, Lock up & Practical completion. The New home reports include inspections of the entire house, all areas of the house, including the ceiling, walls, floors, windows and all the rooms including the bathrooms. The reports are straight forward and clear, so that every client fully understands what they need to do if there are any problems that may need to be addressed.

Prospec Home Inspections support you throughout the entire process. We review each stage & ensure that the work assessed, is completed to a high standard which is expected from your builder. With each report comes a free consultation, to allow you to go over any matters of concern with our fully qualified property inspector who has over 20 years’ experience in the building industry.

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